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I am a woman on a mission, on a journey to live my best life. From an outsider’s perspective, I am a well-spoken, successful businesswoman, I am beautiful (striking, according to my husband) and I have a loving family. Underneath what the outside world might see is severe clinical depression, disorders, anxiety, fear, quilt and anger that has clouded my life for years.

I am in a constant battle with depression and anxiety. Even though I am always trying to be actively improving my state of depression there are times that I feel lost and I struggle to find a way out of the darkness. My dream is to be able to share these struggles, talk about how it feels to be in the depth them, but also to discuss treatment, whether medical or via self-help, without the stigma of shame, guilt or judgement. One of my deepest desires is to reach a point where we can all freely discuss our mental health and the treatment we receive without judgment. I want a world without the stigma!!!

As I mentioned above I have an incredible life! I am a mom to the silliest, most caring soul and a stepmom to three wonderful girls. They all bring joy to my life in various ways and teach me very valuable life lessons. I am also a wife to a magnificent man, who has been through thick and thin with me, and has taught me some of life’s most incredible lessons! “You cannot treat other people the way you want, just because you are having a bad day, and you suffer from depression or whatever diagnoses they have labeled you with.” Eye opening isn’t it…or maybe just common sense that have completely slipped my mind.

On this blog I will be talking about it all! Why do I feel so depressed when I have “everything” I need! Is it okay to be depressed when I don’t have anything to feel depressed about. How to deal, or not to deal with being a mom and a wife while going though depressed or anxious seasons. Things that help me, because above all, I want you to know there has always been a light in my darkness. We may not see the light in the dark moments when we think we need it most. My journey is one of constant change, but mostly I am continuously searching for positive change, a community where I can share my story, my hopes, my dreams and disappointments in anticipation of reaching others that might be struggling with the same issues and together finding ways to better our lives.

Come walk with me…join my community, leave me a comment, get in touch via email or social media and together lets END THE MENTAL HEALTH STIGMA!



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