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Podcasts I Follow:

  • https://mindofherownpodcast.com/category/podcast/ – I listen to Julie’s post regularly as I feel I can relate to her struggles and her podcasts are truly inspirational.
  • https://www.letsrise.co/podcast/ – Hello Rachel Hollis!!  Talk about getting your share of honest truth that will send you on your way to pure inspiration to get off your behind and hustle.  If you want to know how to manage life, a busy career, a marriage and the rest of your life, Rachel is your gal!
  • https://www.risetogetherpodcast.com/ – If you like Rachel Hollis’ podcast and you need to light a fire under you marriage, or your life shared, this podcast is for you.  It is Rachel and her husband, Dave Hollis, talking about their marriage and what makes it an exceptional marriage.
  • https://lewishowes.com/blog/ – Lewis Howes shares inspiring stories through interviewing  some of the most influential people in the world.  This podcast is great if you need some inspiration on those not so great days!
  • https://www.tonyrobbins.com/podcasts/ – In my mind this is pure GREATNESS!  I am addicted to listening to Tony’s podcast! He gives you pure food for thought and real strategies to achieve your goal, whatever the goal is.  Do yourself a favour and listen and learn!
  • https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/forever35/id1329229319?mt=2 – I love Doree and Kate.  They are 2 friends that talk about every from sex to serums.  They are part of my self-care, I feel like I am sitting down with 2 friends, having a chat and a cup of coffee.


Books I Love:

The Universe has Your Back

Body Love

Girl Wash Your Face


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